"...As water takes whatever shape it is in,
So free may you be about who you become..."
-John O'Donahue

Dream Big Wellness is dedicated to ongoing awareness through self reflection, training, and EDI work to create safety and inclusion for our colleagues and clients.

Our therapists are required to participate in continuing education to maintain current evidence based and trauma conscious care.

Curious about what Art Therapy is and how it can help? Click above to learn more.

At Dream Big Wellness our therapists have Master level training and have been accredited by the American Art Therapy Association as registered and Board Certified Art Therapists.


"Bonnie inspires gentleness, love, sensitivity, non-reactivity, groundedness, dedication, passionate, strength, purpose, kindness, openness, passion for the population, responsiveness, intention, adaptivness, calm energy, respect of rituals, safety, insight, knowledge, compassion, and a soft hearted approach."

-Antioch University Seattle (2020)
From an Arts in Medicine Presentation Review

"Katie has a gentle and caring presence that encourages trust and connection. Her analytical mind has helped me untangle worries, and has brought me to questions I didn't know existed within me. She has helped me know myself better, as I continue to find meaning and purpose in my evolving life."

-Anonymous client reflection (posted with permission from client)





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