The Vision

“When I dare to be powerful,
to use my strength in the service of my vision,
then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”

-Audre Lorde

We have a dream of a tranquil space where people can gather, connect, feel restored and renewed. A space where people connect to themselves and their aspirations again, or maybe for the first time. It’s a space where people feel seen, heard and held. A space where there is laughter, tears, health and healing. Dream Big Wellness is made up of a group of leaders with creative minds who are inviting you to come and explore yours.

As people who have experienced economic challenges, we resonate with the feeling of being limited by financial resources when seeking out wellness services.

From our collective experience in community mental health and hospital based settings, we have witnessed first-hand the disparity of care offered to those across socioeconomic spheres.  From this understanding we strive to offer equitable, value-based care, to all.

Dream Big Wellness is a tranquil healing and wellness collective that provides equitable access to art therapy and transformative integrative wellness through charity care, reduced rates, and full fee care.

Our non-profit mission is to:

  • Increase equitable access to art therapy, counseling, workshops and retreats, wellness coaching, and other therapeutic services through charity care, reduced rates, and full fee care.
  • Build opportunities for wellness, renewal and healing to take place in tranquil nature-based environments.
  • Create safe and supportive spaces for healing and wellness through the integration of art therapy, psychotherapy, and nature-based therapy modalities.
  • Sustain more equity and health in the community at large by providing low-barrier access to wellness services across a diverse demographic.
  • Hold a shared vision and community with those who support our collective mission to bring wellness and renewal to those from various economic circumstances.

The corporation is headquartered in King County, Washington, with plans to create a wellness center outside of the county within the first five years of operation.

Art Therapy and educational services can be provided worldwide through both online services and retreats.

Please see our Programs page, for a complete list of offered services.


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