Pay it Forward

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life
is the foundation for all abundance.”
-Eckhart Tolle

Pay it Forward

APPLY for our PAY it Forward Program BELOW!

Join us in our dream to provide accessible Art Therapy and Wellness services to those in need.

our unique program is designed to share the wealth. Dream Big Wellness gives 10% of full fee income to our Pay it Forward program.

Approximately eight individual full-fee sessions provides a free service for a member in the community. Check out rates HERE

Your Contribution

By attending to your own well being, you give back to the community, not only through your own increased personal wellness, but also through the knowledge that an individual who has demonstrated financial need, has increased access to care because of you.

By seeking care with us, you are joining us in our dream to break the barriers of income based wellness disparity. 


Why We Contribute

Large donations for the Pay it Forward program may be made from sponsors, donors, grants, and contributors in the community.

Your monthly donations, merchandise purchases, or direct donation to the Pay it Forward program allow us to keep this program running.

The founders of Dream Big Wellness have experienced income related disparity in access and quality of care firsthand.

Poverty and inequity often go hand in hand with decreased physical and mental wellness outcomes. There continues to be  increasing financial barriers in access to integrative health care.

Community mental health has long served the most disenfranchised, but often through models that burn out providers and cause care interruptions for those in need of relationship and consistent community support.

Our Pay it Forward model is designed to create sustainable outcomes for clients and wellness providers.


Dream Big Wellness holds the core belief that more is possible for our world.

We pledge to provide quality care to the caregivers who can not afford to invest in their own care, to the medically compromised inundated with medical bills, to the single parent families who must prioritize basic needs, to the historically oppressed, and to all those, regardless of station, identity, or status, in life, courageously seeking their wellness.

It is our belief that when one seeks wellness for oneself, the ripple effects can contribute to the wellness of the collective. When we care for one, we care for all, and in this way we Dream Big together.

See below to explore options for qualifying for our Pay it Forward Program which includes free and reduced individual sessions as well as retreat discounts and scholarships.

Qualifying for the Pay it Forward Program

Individuals qualify based on economic need. Acceptance is also based on priority need per the waiting list, and existing funds.

Once approved you will receive a Wellness credit qualifying you for twelve individual Art Therapy sessions for as little as $10 per session. Unused sessions will expire at the end of the year, and if it is deemed you are not a good fit for care, per your therapist, sessions will no longer be redeemable.

Once you have used up your sessions you may re-apply, those reapplying will be asked to pay what they can starting at $30 per session. Some waiting time may be anticipated as we continue to provide care for others in the community based on our waiting list..

We also offer sliding scale and flat rate fees for qualifying individuals. Please discuss this further with your wellness provider.

Please press APPLY NOW below if you are interested.

  • Student rate: $40 per session for 24 session (renewal requires re-application to pay it forward program)
  • $0-$35,000 annual income = Pay What you Can ($10 minimum after 12 sessions $30 minimum for additional 24 sessions)
  • $36,000-$50,000= >$40-80
  • $50,000+ see sliding scale options for full-fee services





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